About Us

North Nepal Travel & Trek Pvt Ltd is a reliable, trusted, and experienced travel and trekking agency based in Pokhara, the tourist hub of Nepal. We specialize in guided trekking and tours in Nepal's breathtaking Himalayan mountain ranges. From the world's tallest peak, Mount Everest, to the famous Annapurna trek and the isolated Upper Dolpo kingdom, our local experts will ensure you have an enjoyable and safe experience while trekking in Nepal.   Our tour leaders, who are experienced and knowledgeable about the area, are dedicated to providing a unique and unforgettable experience so our guests can make the most of their Nepal adventure. Whether you’re a first-time trekker or an experienced hiker, our professional and friendly guides are ready to make your trip one to remember. We take our commitment to corporate social responsibility seriously and aim to positively impact local communities and the environment through our trekking expeditions. 

As our slogan, “Explore the wonders of Nepal” we make sure to remind the beauty of traveling in the Himalayas of Nepal and make it a lifelong memory. We are on a mision to provide the best hospitality and want our clients to share not only about the jaw-dropping beauty of the Nepali Himalayas but also to say, 'Hey, North Nepal's hospitality is just as amazing!' and to make every recommendation feel as warm and genuine as the incredible scenes we share. With over 7 years of dedicated service, we have served more than 9 thousand clients, and our excellence is reflected in the reviews of Google and Tripadvisor.

We provide numerous learning opportunities to new guides as assistant guides and make sure they are experienced and ready enough to lead the group themselves before sending them as full-fledged mountain guides. Not only that, our guides are trained in wilderness first aid, each year to ensure the safety of our clients even in unforeseen circumstances.

From senior guides with 10+ years of experience, young guides with 5+ years of experience, and experienced ladies guides we have diversity in our team to cater to the request of every client. Our guides are all experienced, professional government-licensed, fluent in the English language with quirks like friendliness, hard work, and dedication toward their profession.

We know the importance of supporters/porters in the mountain areas, so we have limited the weight of the bag to 20 kilos max for a supporter.

Let every adventure be a reminder to marvel at the world's beauty. Explore with North Nepal Treks, where the perfect adventure for you awaits.

Background of the Company Founder:

The founder of North Nepal Travel and Trek Pvt Ltd, Mr. Mohan Raj Bhandari, has worked in the tourism sector since 2007, starting as a porter. He completed the School Leaving Certificate (SLC) and then entered the profession, assisting Himalayan trekkers in Nepal.

Previously, road transportation only reached up to Phedi. Thus, trekkers bound for the Annapurna Sanctuary would pass through Naudanda, Mohan's home village. During his childhood, he admired the guides with their black sunglasses and hats, cameras around their necks, and aspired to become one. Having just left school, he lacked contacts to secure a job as a porter.

He would travel to Nayapul with a Namlo (a rope used by villagers or porters to carry large bags) and offer his services to tourists with the phrase, "Need a porter?". Despite the uncertainty of payment, he would assertively claim a bag, declaring, "This is my bag," to prevent other porters from approaching the tourist. He often carried backpacks weighing over 40 kilos through the mountainous regions.

Mohan's proficiency in English enabled him to assist his guides in communicating with clients. After three years as a porter, he became a mountain trekking guide. At that time, few were familiar with email, particularly Yahoo and Hotmail. Mohan connected with clients using Yahoo Messenger and emails, forging strong relationships. The majority of his customers recommended him, leading to numerous offers to guide treks to Annapurna, Manaslu, and Everest. During peak seasons, he couldn't manage all his clients alone, so he would delegate some to his guide friends. Gradually, he formed a team with them, which is now known as North Nepal Team. Additionally, he provided opportunities to porters from impoverished financial backgrounds, empowering friends from his village and creating jobs for them.

In 2011, he had the chance to serve as a Trekking Manager at Himalayan Star Trek and Expedition, where he worked for a year. As a manager, he had access to the internet around the clock, which allowed him to expand his digital knowledge. Although involved in the trekking industry, he didn't guide tours to challenging mountain terrains. His passion for guiding rekindled, and he resumed work as a guide in Nepal until 2015. The disastrous earthquake in 2015 also affected Nepal's tourism sector, prompting Mohan to focus on Korea. In Korea, he assisted visitors as an accompanying guide, leveraging his excellent command of English and Korean.

After two years in Korea, he returned to Nepal in 2017 and founded North Nepal Travels and Trek. Sixteen years have elapsed since 2007, and Mohan has become an expert with extensive experience in tourism and trekking, eager to provide clients with an unforgettable adventure.

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