Rafting in Nepal

Rafting in Nepal

Journey through the dreamy passages of rocks and stones as you go rafting in Nepal with the flow of the persistent and exhilarating river. Let the rushing water wash away all the stresses you may have. And feel the resilience of Mother Nature while being carried away by an unyielding force. This is what you experience when you go rafting in Nepal.

Eight of the ten highest peaks of the world are in Nepal. Along with the glory of the Himalayas, that also brings the creation of some fast-flowing rivers. The rivers crash down from the magnificent Himalayas through the foothills to the plains.

These rivers flow through some of the most pristine and remote places on earth. Hence, rafting in Nepal is a mind-blowing experience. Evidently, our rivers have attracted adventure seekers from all over the world.

We proudly offer you the opportunity to come and experience our rivers. Our services ensure that all your cravings of thrill and adventure be fulfilled. Moreover, we provide affordable prices for the budget-conscious travelers seeking for rafting in Nepal.

There are several rafting and kayaking experiences for you to choose from: