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Is Nepal Safe to Travel?(2022 )


Whenever someone hears of Nepal, they mostly think of Mount Everest. They might also think of a small nation along the Himalayas. Or a beautiful quiet country situated between India and China.

These are positive perceptions, though. Other insights include it as one of the world's poorest countries, a nation plagued by political instability and corruption, or a place where devastating earthquakes occur.

There's truth to all these statements. The positive ones have attracted tourists to this Asian nation, while the negative ones have repelled them. "Is Nepal safe?" is a question asked by many. Most people living outside of Asia do not know much about our country. However, we believe that anyone considering visiting Nepal deserves to know all the facts and reasons regarding the safety issues in Nepal.


“Is Nepal safe?” is a question asked by many. Most people living outside of Asia do not know much about our country. However, we believe that anyone thinking about visiting Nepal deserves to know all the facts and reasons regarding the issues of safety in Nepal.


Crime Rates

Statistically, Nepal has a crime rate of 33.15, considered low. Nepal ranks behind 83 countries in terms of crime rate. Rates of robbery, mugging, and assault are on the downside, while drug trafficking and break-ins are moderate. So, severe and violent crimes are rare. The only crimes that are common are corruption and bribery. Hence, you’ll most likely be safe from violent crimes in Nepal.

Natural Disasters

Pedestrians walking past a building destroyed by earthquake, Is Nepal Safe to Travel, North Nepal Travel and Treks


Pedestrians walking past a building destroyed by the earthquake in 2015.

The dangers of earthquakes are ever-present in Nepal. Due to its geographical location, it is highly prone to be affected by earthquakes. The earthquake of 2015 was a catastrophic disaster from which Nepal hasn’t fully recovered yet.
Apart from earthquakes, other disasters like floods and landslides can also occur. During the monsoon season from June to September, these calamities frequently affect towns and villages. However, being a landlocked country, it is free from the hazards of the ocean.

Political Instability

A protest in Kathmandu, Safety in Nepal, North Nepal Travel and Treks.

                                                                          A non-violent protest in Kathmandu

The politics of Nepal has gone through a roller coaster ride. Since the demolition of the Monarchy in 2006, the communist parties and the Congress have fought to rule the government. But presently, things are much more peaceful and stable now that these parties are in agreement. Besides, the minor hurdles in the government have practically no effect on tourism.

You might become a victim of scams if you’re not careful in the crowd.

Despite our conviction in the general goodness and kindness of Nepali people, we still suggest you be on the safe side. We recommend you heed the following cautions to stay safe while travelling in Nepal:

  1. Know about the safety procedures for an earthquake before coming to Nepal.
  2. Watch your belongings while travelling in public vehicles.
  3. Do not walk around flashing wads of cash, as you may be inviting potential pickpockets and snatchers.
  4. Although it’s not common, robberies can happen in the dark. So, do not walk alone at night to stay safe while travelling in Nepal.
  5. Do not possess any kinds of recreational drugs, including marijuana.
  6. Bring protection against mosquitoes, as they are abundant during the summer and rainy seasons.
  7. Be aware of the dangers of altitude sickness. This risk is a possible hazard in treks above 3500 meters, which are essentially all trekking expeditions in Nepal.
  8. Be abreast of the weather forecasts, as bad weather can cause serious trouble.


So, Is Nepal safe to travel?


With the above reading, you might already have a rough idea about how safe Nepal is. The absence of violent crimes is of utmost importance in any country you plan to visit. Any country isn't safe from natural disasters; you must plan accordingly. Being safe from pickpocketers in crowded tourist destinations and not being scammed during your visit are the only issues you need to deal with here in Nepal.

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