Experience the Highest Bungee Jump in the World: Kushma Bungee Jump

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Opened in 2020, Kushma Bungee Jump is the tallest bungee jump in Nepal at a height of 228 meters. It is situated on the border of the Kushma and Baglung districts of Nepal. The bungee jumping spot is one of the three bungee spots in Nepal, the other two being at BhoteKoshi and Pokhara. It is also among the best adventure activities that you can do in Nepal. Kushma Bungee Jump is also the world’s third-highest bungee spot after Zhangjiajie Bridge Bungee (260 m) and Macau Tower Bungee jump (233). That also makes it the world’s second-highest bridge-based bungee jump.


    • Kushma Bungee Jump is the tallest suspension bridge bungee jump in the world
    • The Bungee jump offers 4.5 seconds of freefall.
    • With a freefall of 8.5 seconds, a swing is also equally famed among the visitors.
    • Contains beautiful vistas of rivers, mountains and forests along the way.
    • Professional and safe operation
    • Bungee in deepest george in the world, Kaligandaki
    • Easy accesible from the major cities of Nepal



Location of Kushma Bungee Jump.

Kushma, Parbat is merely 60 km away from the city of Pokhara and thus, can be reached within 2 hours. The road itself can be quite enjoyable as it comprises scenic vistas of hills, mountains, villages, and the Kaligandaki River. Besides, the facility also has a swing, which can be done separately or combined with a bungee jump. It is merely a 2-hours drive from Pokhara to Kushma. The time duration of free fall is 4.5 seconds for the Bungy Jump and 8.5 seconds for the Swing.

Kushma Bungee Jump Safety

After taking you to the premises, medical professionals will check your blood pressure and ask you about your medical condition. You should not have serious medical conditions such as injury, nerve pain, asthma, and high blood pressure before attempting the jump. Experts will also provide you with a brief safety class and instructions for the jump. Moreover, your weight will also be measured so that the rope technician can work according to your body mass.

Daily Departure From Pokhara

We can arrange you daily departures at 7 am for Kushma. You will reach the bungee spot before 10, right on time at the opening hour. Then, you will have a buffet lunch at the premises while enjoying the view. There will be a short briefing by the experts and then you will be tied in the harness and ropes for the jump.

Weight and age limit

Bungy: Minimum 45 kg to Maximum 95 kg

Swing/Tandem: Minimum 35 kg Maximum 135 kg ( Should fit the harness )

Photos and Videos During Jump

You do not have to worry about capturing your jump in photos or videos. For an additional cost of Rs. 1500, you will receive high-quality photographs and videos of the jump. A Go-pro attached to your hand captures the whole duration of the jump. You’ll also receive a complimentary T-shirt at no additional cost.

Kushma Bungee Schedule

The bungee jumping in Kushma begins at 10 a.m. and ends at 5 p.mevery day. If you contact us, we can arrange a bungee jump for you as per your time availability. The bungee spot has a capacity of 40 bungee jumps and 30 swing jumps every day. As such, we suggest you book in advance to reserve your jump.

Kushma Bungee Jumping and Swing Price

The various individual packages for the bungee and swing are as follows.

Individual Packages including Photo/ Video/ T-shirt:

  • Bungee OR Swing ( Any one )  (Rs.7500 + Rs.1500 ) : Rs. 9000 pp

  • Bungee & Swing ( Combo ) ( Rs. 11000 + Rs.2700 ) : Rs.13700 pp

  • Bungee OR Swing for 2nd  times ( Rs.11500 + Rs.1500 ) : Rs. 13000 pp

  • Bungee OR Swing for 3rd times  (Rs.14500 + Rs.1500) : Rs.16000 pp

  • 4th Bungee : Free

There are also some duo packages (two persons at once) as well:

  • Tandem Swing  ( Rs. 13000 + 2000 ) = Rs.15000 per couple

Other Activities

  • Sky cafe ( including coffee/ juice, snacks, video ) = Rs. 2500 pp

  • Sky Cycle ( with videos ) = Rs. 3000 pp

  • Sky Gliding ( with videos ) = Rs. 1200 pp

Stay & Activities:

Stay in deluxe ( Twin/Double ): Rs. 7000

Stay in deluxe ( Single supplement ): Rs. 5000

Stay in Standard ( Per person ): Rs. 2500

  • Stay in deluxe with Bungy or Swing: Rs. 10500
  • Stay in deluxe with Bungy & Swing: Rs. 14000
  • Stay in deluxe with Tandem swing: Rs. 19000
  • Stay in standard with Bungy or Swing: Rs.9500
  • Stay in standard with Bungy & Swing: Rs.13000
  • Stay in standard with Tandem swing: Rs.17000

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We also offer Bungee in Pokhara at an affordable price.

World's 2nd Highest Bungee Jump 228m'

What's Included

    • Photo, Video & T-shirt
    • Bungee Certificate
    • Insurance


    • Both ways Transport

Experience the Highest Bungee Jump in the World: Kushma Bungee Jump Company Reviews

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