Winners of Trail race 2023 posing for photo with their prize, and smile in their faces.
07 Sep, 2023 - North Nepal Travels and Treks

Over the Clouds: Panchase Ultra Trail Race (November 2023)(2023 )

Pokhara Trail Race Series was established in 2017 as a platform for both National and International trail runners of Nepal to train hard on the trails of Nepal and prepare for international trail runs.
With a mission of providing a fun environment that is suitable for every level of trail runners, the PTRS has prepared the trails with distances between 5km - 7km to accommodate the new runners. Similarly, a 1k race for kids to introduce them to the world of running, and 15 to 100K distance races to test the limits of experienced and advanced runners, also prepare them for international championships. Moreover, not only being limited to conducting trail running races, the Pokhara Trail Race Series also protects the old trails that hold the history for trail running by maintaining the trails and promoting the old trails among national and international runners.

Trail Runner running up in the event organised by PTRS

Both national and international runners love the trail running conducted by PTRS, as participants from more than 10 countries participate in these races. Recently, the trail race organized by PTRS on 22nd July 2023 with the theme “Chasing Sunrise – Methlang Run” had 197 participants from 7 different countries including England, Canada, Germany, Spain, India, Belgium, and Nepal. While organizing the trail races PTRS also helps runners create their profiles in the database of IRTA and UTB.

 runners running upwards during the trail event organised by PTRS

Now again providing the chance for both national and international runners to shine and hone up their running Pokhara Trail Race Series is organizing trail races for racer with every experience level. A short summary of events being organized by PTRS:

The Panchase ULTRA race offers five different distance options (80K, 55K, 25K, 7K, and 1K for kids) taking participants through scenic trails in Nepal, including Rani Bann, Bhumdi, Panchase, Australian Camp, Forest Camp, Low Camp, Badal Dhada, Kaskikot, and Sarangkot, with breathtaking mountain views of Annapurna, Manaslu, and Dhaulagiri.
The 80K race course is the longest, while all others are based on the 55K route with adjusted distances. The race is on 4th November 2023, and participants can earn ITRA and UTMB points. Prizes will be awarded to the top 3 male and female finishers in each category, with free entry into the next trail race. Finishers will receive various rewards, including medals, certificates, and refreshments. Detailed route information is forthcoming, but the routes will be well-marked.

runner after achieving a position during trail event by PTRS

For detailed information regarding the race click here.


You can directly book your place in the race from here.

We at the North Nepal Treks are delighted to extend our help to PTRS as a hospitality partner during the race-themed, Over the Clouds: Panchase ULTRA, and many more races to come.

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