Mohan Raj Bhandari Founder/Managing director

Mr. Mohan Raj Bhandari is the Managing Director and Founder of North Nepal Travel &Trek Pvt. Ltd. He is a great visionary, passionate with excellent communication and team-building skills. He has led many treks in the Himalayas for a decade, so it has become his expertise, and hundreds of clients appreciate his management every season. 

He was born and raised in the Annapurna region, one of Nepal's most popular trekking regions. He has a keen interest in nature, and he used to explore the valleys and eventually started his trekking journey as a porter in 2007 AD. Even now, he spares time from his busy schedule and embarks on the trekking journey to find new trails or to enjoy the newly discovered trails. 

After visiting most of the trekking and tour places in Nepal and completing his bachelor's, he founded North Nepal Travels and Tours with the slogan “Never Lose your Sense of Wonder”, in 2017 A.D. His sole mission is to provide trekkers with an ever remembering adventure experience without compromising their safety. Additionally, he not only answers every query of clients with his knowledge and experience, but he also provides expert advice on customizing trips according to the client’s trekking experience, preference with budget, and timeframe in mind. He himself has trekked the Himalayas of Nepal as a certified guide more than 150+ times, with guests, and more than 250+ times on solo trips and with his friends. Recently, he also trekked to Mount Kailash, the adobe of Lord Shiva with guests. Now that he himself has done the Kailash Mansarovar trek/yatra, he can manage your Kailash Mansarovar yatra with his experience and his pain points in mind, making your experience smooth and easier.

With enough experience and hard work, he has established North Nepal Travel and Trek as a well-established company that annually guides more than a thousand people worldwide. Not limited to trekking, he also organizes helicopter tours and other adventure activities that fit clients' needs and experiences. Mohan believes that “Every great business is built on friendship”; he is friendly with clients, employees, and other business partners.

Moreover, Mohan believes promoting tourism in Nepal can solve the major problem of brain drain and create opportunities for people here. He has even participated in various international programs like ITB Berlin and ITB Asia, promoting tourism in Nepal and learning from others. 

He is ready and waiting to make your visit to Nepal a lifelong memory by providing guidance and knowledge on your planned journey/adventure activities.

Niranjan Adhikari Manager

Niranjan Adhikari serves as both the manager and tour operator at North Nepal Travel and Trek Pvt Ltd. He is one of the founding members of this agency, leveraging his extensive experience in the trekking realm since 2017. Born in the heart of Annapurna Rural Municipality, Niranjan cultivated a huge passion for travel, photography, and videography from his early years. This enthusiasm naturally aligned with his career path after he successfully concluded his higher education.

Before joining as a Manager, he commenced his journey as a part-time tour operator, and he eventually ascended to the role of a full-fledged manager and tour supervisor within the agency. Niranjan's commitment to his craft led him to seek continuous learning, enrolling in Nepal Mountaineering Academy to broaden his understanding of tourism, and becoming a certified guide in 2019. He himself has done 100+ treks with guests and more than 150+ treks as expeditions on finding new trails or trekking to the new trails with his friends.

He also increased his expertise by engaging in multiple online courses encompassing digital marketing and web development. Notably, his leadership prowess and adept management and administrative skills are widely recognized and esteemed even by our clients.

Niranjan's linguistic fluency extends to both English and Hindi, allowing him to effortlessly interact with a diverse range of travelers. His extensive exploration includes treks across the breathtaking landscapes of the Annapurna and Manaslu regions so he has a deep understanding of those regions, further solidifying his foundation in the field.

Jeewan Tamang Guide and Climber

Jeewan Tamang stands out as a professional guide with enriched knowledge and experience and unparalleled expertise in hiking within the breathtaking Annapurna Region. Born in Machhapuchhre Rural Municipality, his roots intertwine with the trekking routes he now navigates as an expert guide. He got his early inspiration from his fellow villagers, particularly his brother Lal Bahadur Tamang, who was already in the trekking domain. This inspiration led Jeewan to pave his path by initially serving as a porter, ultimately being a certified guide.

While it’s been 8 years of his certified guide career, he has a ton of experience with the Himalayan Terrians and trekking, as he was involved in this sector for many years before being fully certified. Jeewan's academic foundation solidified at the prestigious Nepal Academy of Tourism and Hotel Management (NATHAM), where pass with an impressive A grade. His portfolio is an accomplishment of over 200+ successfully completed treks. Moreover, his sincerity toward his work and his friendly demeanor is even appreciated by our clients. Additionally, his remarkable ability to communicate with his clients/fellow trekkers is possible due to his fluency in the English language.

Beyond his exceptional guiding capability, Jeewan Tamang is a national-level marathon runner, actively participating in numerous high-altitude marathons.


  • Completed training with Grade ‘A’ from Nepal Academy of Tourism and Hotel Management (NATHAM).
  • Received comprehensive trekking guide training from the Government of Nepal.
  • Received first-aid and CPR training from CIWEC hospital in 2023.


  • Annapurna Region
  • Everest Region
  • Langtang Region 
  • Manaslu Region

Lal Bahadur Tamang Guide

Lal Bahadur Tamang is friendly, experienced, and an expert in taking care of clients' needs and preferences. He stands as a perfect trekking guide with a wealth of experience in both trekking and hiking terrains. He was born in Machhapuchhre Rural Municipality, and as his village sits nestled within the very fabric of popular trekking routes, he fostered a deep-rooted bond with the region.  

He was highly enthusiastic about travel and trekking from childhood and motivated by his friends who were already part of the trekking in Nepal, Lal Bahadur initially started on his journey as a porter before becoming a highly skilled and dedicated trekking guide.

His training achievements are impressive, as he got his guide training certification from the Nepal Academy of Tourism and Hotel Management (NATHAM), with a remarkable Grade ‘A’ standing. Over the course of more than a decade, he has cultivated his expertise, amassing a wealth of experiences as a seasoned trekking guide, successfully leading and completing over 300+ treks.

With fluent English and excellent communication skills, he can provide a great knowledge of the trekking regions and the culture of locals there. His talents extend beyond trekking to encompass sports as well; he has won victories in regional-level volleyball tournaments. This devotion to continuous growth is evident in his commitment to personal hobbies and pursuits.

Lal Bahadur doesn't merely guide; he accompanies trekkers on a journey of discovery, sharing insights and stories that our clients enjoy during the trails. In the area of trekking guides, Lal Bahadur Tamang embodies the perfect skill, and passion, and serves as a perfect guide for your unforgettable adventure.


  • Graduated with a Grade ‘A’ from the Nepal Academy of Tourism and Hotel Management (NATHAM).
  • Received first-aid and CPR training from CIWEC hospital in 2023.



  • Annapurna Region
  • Everest Region
  • Upper Mustang
  • Manaslu Region

Phunjo Jhangmu Lama Lady Expedition Guide

Phunjo Jhangmu Lama is a trekking and climbing icon among mountaineers. Her work ethic and achievements speak for her climbing and trekking skills. She was born in the Chhokangpaaro village of Tsum in the Manaslu region and spent her childhood herding Yaks and Dzo ( a hybrid between cow and Yak). Later, she migrated to Kathmandu to learn English and Nepali and later completed training Sherpa in First-Aid and Avalanche rescue training. On May 17, 2018, she made her name and the country’s name a headline among many mountaineering pioneers by ascending Mount Everest in just 39 hours and 6 minutes. Furthermore, she was the first female long-line sling rescuer in Nepal. To further enhance her climbing skills, she trained in the Swiss alps. Along with her ascension to Mt. Everest in just 39 hours and 6 minutes, there are other long-line of achievements throughout her career such as climbing Mt.Cho Oyu without oxygen, summiting many peaks like Ama Dablam, Mt.Lobuche, Denali, etc.

She mostly carries climbing and trekking expeditions in large groups whereas, during the off-season, she involves herself in the empowerment of women in the Trekking and Mountaineering fields. A mother of two children, Phunjo has the motive to uplift the involvement of women in the Mountaineering section. Likewise, she adores trekking, snowboarding, rock and wall climbing, and photography during her spare time as a hobby. Moreover, she has visited many nations such as Switzerland, Germany, Slovenia, France, the USA, Austria, etc. Lately, she has been running many campaigns to aspire women and improve safety protocols in the high Himalayas. Furthermore, she is running an elementary school in Tsum Valley. Also, she believes that mountains are much safer and more peaceful to survive than hectic cities.

Rajendra Rai Guide

Rajendra Rai is an exceptionally skilled and seasoned trekking guide specializing in leading treks and hikes within the Himalayan region. Born in Dhikopatan, Pokhara, a renowned starting point for various trekking routes, with his deep-rooted interest and curiosity, he explored the Himalayas starting as a porter, eventually evolving into a proficient and certified trekking guide.

His extensive experience of over 15 years in the trekking field underscores his mastery in navigating the challenging terrains of the Himalayas. Throughout his career, he has successfully completed more than 350 treks and expeditions on Everest and Langtang, amassing a wealth of knowledge and insights into the Himalayan landscape.

Rajendra Rai possesses a funny and smiley personality with excellent communication skills, enabling him to effortlessly converse in English and Hindi, ensuring a smooth trekking experience for his clients. Impressively, he has also achieved an upper-intermediate level of Korean proficiency, allowing him to communicate smoothly with diverse trekkers.

His training background further solidifies his credibility as a trekking guide. He graduated from the Nepal Academy of Tourism and Hotel Management (NATHAM) with a Grade ‘A’ recognition. This educational foundation equips him with a well-rounded understanding of hospitality and customer service.


  • Completed official Trekking Guide training sanctioned by the government of Nepal.
  • Obtained Wilderness First Aid (WAFA) certification from Himalayan Medic in 2018.
  • Renewed WAFA certification through Initiative Outdoor in 2022.
  • Received CPR training conducted by Stonehearth Open Learning and first-aid from CIWEC hospital.
  • Fluent in English and Hindi, facilitating smooth and effective communication with trekkers.
  • Graduated from the Nepal Academy of Tourism and Hotel Management (NATHAM) with a Grade ‘A’ recognition.

Expertise in Trekking Regions:

  • Annapurna Region 
  • Everest Region
  • Langtang Region 
  • Manaslu Region 
  • Upper Mustang 
  • Dolpo Region
  • Kanchanjanga region 

Diwas Gurung Trekking Guide

Divas Gurung is an experienced mountain trekking guide whose passion for travel and love for the mountains set him apart from the rest. Born in Bhadure, the route for Panchase Trek.  Divas's connection to trekking is deeply rooted in his upbringing. Inspired by his friends and colleagues he started to travel and later completed the training for certified mountain guides in the Himalayas. He had enough skill and experience before being the guide, however, he started his career as an assistant guide to take care of the guests better during the trek.

With 3 years of trekking experience in the Himalayas before being a guide and 4 years of experience as a trekking guide, Divas is an expert in trekking the Himalays of Nepal.
Divas's academic foundation was established at Sagarmatha Higher Secondary School. His impressive portfolio includes over 300+ completed treks, reflecting his dedication and skills in guiding trekkers through majestic landscapes.

Moreover, Divas is also a cyclist who has pedaled more than 60 districts of Nepal and an amazing writer who not only visits the remote trekking trails but also promotes them with captivating blogs. 

Clients appreciate Divas not only for his guiding capabilities but also for his caring nature. He goes beyond the trails, capturing moments through photographs and presenting framed memories to local communities during his next treks.
In addition to his guiding skills, Divas Gurung is known for his adventurous spirit. During the off-season, he sets out on solo and group adventures, seeking thrills on new trails. 

In summary, Divas Gurung is not just a guide; he's a seasoned adventurer, storyteller, and a caring soul deeply connected to the mountains and their communities. Furthermore, our clients value his sincerity and friendly nature. His excellent communication skills with clients and fellow trekkers are facilitated by his proficiency in the English language.

Shiva Hari Subedi Guide

Shiva Hari Subedi is one of the most experienced guides you can't find everywhere, and there is rarely a trekking trail in Nepal he hasn't been to with more than 1000+ treks and over 30 years of experience. He was born in the Annapurna Region of Nepal and is friendly in nature but strict during life-threatening situations, such as abandoning a trek to a high-mountain pass if it is too risky.  

Moreover, he is a skilled communicator and can tell if you are in some sort of discomfort thanks to his many years of experience. With fluent English and genuine care for trekkers, he can enhance your trekking experience to the greatest degree. He knows the routes of Everest, Annapurna Circuit, and Manaslu in the back of his head, and in many years of his service, there are rarely guests who complain, but many thank him and his experience for saving their lives. 

He got his trekking guide license in 2005 and has been guiding trekkers to their dream destinations ever since. He has a broad knowledge of each region's flora and fauna, so he can provide you with insights about the area, just like a local from the region.

Praveen Chhetri Guide

Praveen Chhetri is a young and energetic guide who has both experience and knowledge in terms of trekking in the Himalayas of Nepal. Even though he is a young guide, he is an experienced guide as he has led more than 50+ treks with high client satisfaction, and has explored many new as well as old trekking trails with his friends. 

He started trekking at a very young age but wasn’t ready to lead the clients, so he completed his guide training at Nepal Mountain Academy with a remarkable Grade ‘A’. Moreover, with charming nature, and honest personality, he also has good communication skills supported by fluent English.

He is a student of bachelor's of Mountain Tourism Management, so can rest assured as he is experienced and highly knowledgeable about trails and also about the flora and fauna of the region.  With a keen interest in Nature, he attends most of the programs conducted by NMA and NATHM, and his hobbies of Nature Photography and culture sharing perfectly align with his profession as a trekking guide.


  • Certifications and Training in first-aid
  • Trained expert on leaving no trace trekking up to 4800 meter
  • Certified as a trekking guide by NMA.


  • Annapurna Region

Gayatri Giri Guide

Gayatri Giri is a lady-trekking guide with a friendly nature, home to the Annapurna Region of Nepal. From a young age, she was always intrigued by the mountains and nature of her region, so after clearing her school level she became active in tourism. With more than 5 years of experience, she has completed more than 50+ treks with clients and many more with her friends and during training. Moreover, she is always there for the group of ladies trekkers, who are unsure about taking males as their trekking guides. 

With training and certification, she has become skilled in navigation, first aid, and cultural interpretation, with a spotter for flora and fauna. Every client/group she has guided has praise and thankfulness for her. Her fluency in the English language and genuine care for clients provide a comfortable trekking experience for the clients.

She graduated from the Nepal Mountain Academy (NMA) with a Grade ‘A’ recognition in 2019 and has been leading many treks since. Not only an experienced and knowledgeable trekking guide she also has experience in the hospitality of guests.


  • Graduated with a Grade ‘A’ from the Nepal Mountain Academy (NMA).
  • Received first-aid and CPR training from CIWEC hospital in 2023.
  • Certification of Experience in Hospitality 


  • Annapurna Region

Gopal Yonjan Guide

Gopal Yonjan is friendly, always smiling, and one of the most experienced trekking guides. His remarkable track record of having successfully undertaken and led more than 400+ treks speaks for his mastery of the terrains, knowledge, and safety of his clients under his guidance. He was born in Okhaldunga in the Everest region, so he had a very keen mind for the Himalayas from an early age and got involved in the trekaking field after being motivated by his friends. 

He has excellent communication skills and is a fluent English speaker and also holds a certification from the Nepal Mountaineering Association (NMA), and also he holds a degree in sociology.
His passion for nature photography, beautifully aligns with his exploration of the natural world during treks, as he captures the scenic beauty around him, which serves as a testament to his deep reverence for the environment. Moreover, he is a huge practicer of Yoga and mindfulness and believes that it helps him balance his life, when he is apart from nature and trekking endeavors.


  • Trekking guide certification from the Nepal Mountaineering Association (NMA).
  • Received first-aid and CPR training from CIWEC hospital in 2023.



  • Langtang Region 
  • Dhaulagiri region 
  • Everest Region 
  • Annapurna Region 
  • Manaslu Region

Mahan Jung Pandey Guide and Climber

Mahan Jung Padhe is a highly-skilled, dexterous, and experienced trekking and climbing guide with exquisite trekking/climbing skills. He was born in Pokhara, a starting point of many renowned trekking routes. He has had a keen interest in the high Himalayas since his childhood and later he was inspired by his relatives who were involved in the trekking fields and soon enrolled in the Nepal Mountaineering Association to become a fully-fledged guide. He is not only a registered guide under Nepal Mountaineering Association (NMA) but a well-trained snowboarding pioneer who initiated snowboarding in Nepal with his fellow companions. He had completed his Bachelor's in mountaineering.
Moreover, he has participated in several other climbing and trekking training such as Rock climbing, Basic Mountain Rescue, and Avalanche training. Furthermore, he has summited Mera Peak 7 seven times, Lobuche peak and Abulabcha Pass three times. He has been involved in the trekking field since 2011, so he has good interaction and communication skills with visitors. Similarly, he can speak fluent English and Hindi. Training Nepal Mountaineering Association Rock climbing Basic Mountain Rescue Avalanche Training Expertise Annapurna Region Makalu Barun Region Everest Region Langtang Region

Budhhiman Tamang Guide

Buddhiman Tamang is a highly experienced and accomplished guide with exquisite trekking and hiking skills in the high Himalayan regions. He was originally from Tipling VDC, Dhading with a poor family background. So, he started working as a porter from an early age. With a trekking experience of 30 years, he has good communication skills and is highly knowledgeable about most of the trekking routes in Nepal.

He completed his trekking guide training provided by the government of Nepal by 1998 A.D and was among the first guide to initiate the Manaslu Tea House Trek. Furthermore, he has already completed more than 400 treks to date. Training Trekking guide training from the government of Nepal Expertise Annapurna Region Everest Region Langtang Region Manaslu Region Upper Dolpo and Lower Dolpo region

Mahendra Aacharya Guide

Mahendra Acharya is a highly experienced and skilled trekking guide known for his finest trekking and hiking skills. He was born in Rasuwa, Nepal which is near the Langtang Region. Influenced and inspired by his brother, he started working as a guide and later became one of the skilful guides in the Pokhara valley. He is a certified Nepal Academy of Tourism and Hotel Management (NATHAM) graduate. He has been involved in the trekking field since 2009 A.D. and has completed more than 200 treks to this date. Furthermore, he speaks fluent English, Japanese, and Korean languages. Currently, he has affiliated with Eco-farming and runs a homestay near the Pokhara Valley. Training Nepal Academy of Tourism and Hotel Management (NATHAM) Expertise Langtang Region Everest Region Annapurna Region Manaslu Region Ganesh Himal Region

Aananda Baral Birding Guide

Ananda Baral is a bird-watching guide with excellent and expansive knowledge about the habitat of birds and their behaviours. Furthermore, he has comprehensive knowledge of the various bird-watching routes and spots. He has a very curious mind for bird-watching so he started as a bird-watching guide from an early age. He has completed his study in B.Sc forestry and is also an active member of the Pokhara Bird Society. Moreover, he has good skills in photography and has already completed more than 20 bird-watching treks. Also, he has good communication skills and can speak English fluently. Expertise Bird watching in Annapurna Region Bird watching in Terai Region Bird watching in Everest Region.

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