Terms And Conditions

Please read these terms and conditions carefully before using our service 

1. On this website, the word "trip" is utilized to explain all outings listed, which can be classified as walking tours, treks, sightseeing, mountaineering, expeditions, or vacations.

2. We also accept any last-minute booking with an advance payment for the total tour cost or one can make full payment on the arrival day.

3.  The accommodation mentioned on the holiday trip packages is beneficial if shared by two individuals. Thus, any clients without a partner are imposed with a single room supplement charge.

4. The day-to-day itinerary is taken as a guideline, However, it can be modified as per road/route conditions.  We cannot be blamed for any delays due to international or local flights, strikes, government restrictions, climate conditions, or any other unforeseen situations. In such circumstances, we will do our best to provide appropriate alternatives that both parties can agree on. Otherwise, NNTT will only give a refund after subtracting the costs already incurred.

5. If you do not show up at the meeting point specified on the agreed date, we will assume you have been delayed and will wait for you to contact us with your new expected arrival date. If you do not contact us within 48 hours, we will assume you have cancelled the tour with us. Hence, no refund is done for your advance or full payment.

6. Unless there are unexpected events like a natural disaster or political turbulence, the tours will not be called off. If it does happen, we will refund all payments made to us, Excluding the initial deposit. We are not responsible for giving back any other costs you may have spent (insurance, visa, ticket, etc.).

7. The agency has a right to revise the trip package rate published on the website because of unforeseen circumstances for instance changes in domestic flight, foreign exchange rate, fuel, increment in transportation, accommodation and food menu etc.  But, in case of a minor increase in flight fares, fuel, hotels, menu or other activity-related factors, we don’t revise the cost of the trip which was already confirmed & booked by deposit.

8. The NNTT guide has full authority during a tour/trek. Any individuals convicted of the unlawful act will be compelled to leave without a refund.

9. The clients should adjust to any accommodations made by the agency as it is impossible to provide fully furnished accommodation in Himalayan countries.

10. The agency strongly recommends all esteemed clients purchase a comprehensive travel insurance package for medical, natural calamity, helicopter evacuation, personal accidents etc.

11. The clients must agree to all risks associated with the journey to the maximum extent permitted by Law as one is likely to have an accident or illness in remote places without medical facilities and the forces of nature.

12. NNTT has contracts with several companies, government bodies and individuals to provide the services necessary to run tours, treks, walking, holidays & expeditions. NNTT believes that these third parties are qualified to handle the duties they have been assigned. In the event of any injury, damage, loss, delay or irregularity that may arise due to the actions of these third parties, NNTT will not be held accountable.

13. NNTT will not accept responsibility or liability for any traveller who contravenes any law or regulation of any country visited.

14. The participants with pre-existing medical problems or conditions should inform the agency at the time of booking.  Medical and evacuation expenses are the responsibility of the participant.

15. Nepal is a mountainous country so it is very likely to have delayed flights due to changeable weather.  The NNTT will meet the expenses for accommodation in the departing city if it is within the day's budget. If not, additional charges will apply. The NNTT reserves the right to alter the route of a trek or use road transport in the case of extended delays, but this could incur extra costs that the traveller is responsible for paying.

16. No refund will be made to clients who drop out from the journey regardless of whatever portions remain unused in the itinerary. Clients have to pay for the hotel or any extra costs incurred after leaving the itinerary.

17. In the event that a person is unable to finish a high altitude trek due to altitude sickness, they will not receive a refund and the agency will arrange an extra guide, transportation and porter to help them descend however the expense is imposed upon the individual. The agency will provide both accommodation and meals. 

Risk & Responsibility:  

Your safety and enjoyment are our prime concerns. We, therefore, carry out our responsibility honestly & sincerely to ensure your holiday trouble-free as you have desired. Nevertheless, unless stated otherwise, trips may be changed under uncertain and inherent circumstances such as landslides, road blockage, flood, snow, political unrest, cancellation of flight, delayed arrival, sickness or accidents etc. Especially during the off-season, you’re highly advised to reserve extra days for delays to avoid frustrating consequences.

 Any extra cost incurred is your personal responsibility and should be borne on the spot.



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