Travel Agency in Pokhara

Travel Agency in Pokhara

Pokhara, situated in the western part of Nepal at an altitude of 827 meters is one of the most attractive tourist destinations in Nepal. If you don’t have a long holiday or just prefer the convenience, Pokhara is a 25-minute flight from Kathmandu and by land roughly seven hours. For any traveler, the travel agency is the primary way of getting information about tours and travels according to their will.

The commencement of trekking started since 1975 AD in Pokhara. The implementation of the act on trekking-related program was started in 1988 AD. And, through the medium of trekking and travel agencies uplift on promoting and developing of the adventurous trekking sites with an objective of increasing national and international tourist every year.

Although, there are about 164 travel agencies in Pokhara, only short and listed professional agencies are providing effective and reliable services to their guests/customers in Pokhara. Among many trekking agencies, our organization (North Nepal Travel and Trek Pvt. Ltd) is also listed as one of the best travel agency for providing effective and reliable services and facilities to our guests/customers. Since the establishment of our agency, we are achieving positive feedback from our guests.

Xu Qing and her team holding a banner of North Nepal Travel and Trek ( Trekking agency in Pokhara) at Annapurna Base Camp.
A Famous Actress and Goodwill Ambassador(China-Nepal) for the Visit Nepal 2020 Campaign and her entire team holding a banner of North Nepal Travel at Annapurna Base Camp Oct 2019.

The reasons behind the recommendation from our guests are providing quality services in the field of trekking and traveling with our own experienced and skilled guides and officers. And you can feel a friendly environment along with our guides during trekking and traveling so that your trip will be full of joy and enjoyment. As well as, our guides are capable to solve any problem that may arise during the trek.

We are providing services and facilities on short and long trips as well as trekking packages are made with budget-travellers in mind with affordable cost throughout all trips. Our organization is one of the trustable trekking agencies for your trip to Pokhara, Nepal.

Things to  expect on a trek in Nepal

If you are planning to trek in Nepal, then it is your right decision. Among the different countries, Nepal is also one of the best destinations for a trek. So, if you are planning to trek in Nepal, then you may want to know what you are expecting for a trek. For your queries and information on a trek in Nepal, then we advise you to go through over the page we’ve written out on this site. We, one of the best trekking agency in Pokhara, are presenting a detailed overview of what a trekker can expect during their trek trip in Nepal:

One of the main attractions of the trek in Nepal that you can feel a mountainous view from the close of your eyes depends on the trek you are on and the trekking period. You can see the different fantastic views on its changing climatic, either cloudy, clean, and free spotless as well as hazy.

North Nepal Travel and Trek (trekking agency in Pokhara) representative holding a banner of his organization.
North Nepal Travel and Trek representative holding a banner at Annapurna Base Camp.

 You will be trekking through adventurous canyon and notch covered with beautiful scenery. Depending upon your trekking period, the scenario of those canyons and notch will be bountiful with colour or a drier shade of brown. People of the mountains are showing friendly and co-operative behaviours towards their guests so that you will not feel any loneliness during your trekking trail.

You will see Himalayas cows(yak) after reaching 10,000 feet, and encounter of wild mountain goats on the top sides of mountains. As well as, Nepal is renowned for different species of birds, which you can observe in the dense forest during travel.

What we assume physically during the trek in Nepal

Depending upon the trekking route, the difficulties and period will be changed, so read the itineraries. Based on the altitude of your trek, you may feel the altitude sickness, so you must carry the essentials stuff for trekking, and take an acclimatization time on the mountain. As altitude increases, the speed of air begins to surprisingly strong. So, to prevent such conditions, windproof jackets and scarves are useful.

Here is some more information that you must you should get in your mind when working out what to expect:

  • Type of trek
  • Duration of trek
  • Altitude of trek
  • Hiring a guide and porter
  • Trekking Equipment
  • Trekking agency you choose

 Type of trek 

There is a grading system that classifies the difficulty of trekking trails. There are four categories: Easy, moderate, severe, and strenuous-. The challenge both technicality and geographically increases as you move higher through the scale. Easy trekking could be suitable for all people. While strenuous and challenging treks are meant only for those who have previous experience. The reason we have categories is to help our clients choose a trek or climb in the Himalaya that is suitable for their level.

Duration of trek 

The length of trekking depends on the trek you chose. So according to your route of trekking, you need to consider your fitness level when deciding the type of trek you would like to go on.

Hiring guide and porter 

If you are planning to travel to Nepal, we recommended you hire a guide to arrange the whole trip and take you to the mountain safely. You can hire a professional English speaking, eco-trained trekking guide from trekking agency in Pokhara. You have to be clear that a guide is not a porter. So, you need to hire an additional porter if you need support to carry your bag in the mountain.

Equipment required for trekking 

All the required types of equipment for your trek can purchase in Pokhara. Depending on the season you wish to go trekking, you may have to make adjustments to clothing and equipment. However, these are the necessities list we prepared to keep your comfort and utility in mind. We never recommend our clients to bring over equipment which is not necessary for the trek.

 How much cost does it require for any trek in Nepal?

The cost of a trek in Nepal varies according to the trekking trails and service you take with trekking agencies.

which are listed below;

  • Accessible
  • Number of people
  • Trekking destinations
  • Budget style
  • Cost of a guide and porter
  • Required charges for an entry permit and special permit.

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