How we are unique among other travel and trekking companies in Pokhara, Nepal?

We are a reputed travel and trekking company in Pokhara Nepal. Our travel and trekking packages are designed to meet the trekker’s expectations. North Nepal travel and trek offer a wide range of travel and tour packages. All the packages are affordable and feasible to almost all age groups.

Our tour packages include all the services like food, accommodation, special permits, professional guides, porters, and many more. Our client’s satisfaction and the quality of services that we provide are our top priorities.

Dedicate team

All of our members are highly skilled and qualified in their own field of expertise. Our guides are certified and have years of experience in the travel and trekking field. Our guides are trained in such a way that they can effectively and efficiently handle any kind of bad situation due to any circumstances. There is always a risk to your health and wellness during trekking and doing adventurous activities. So hiring a professional guide and travel agency is a must before planning any type of trekking activity.

For North Nepal travel and trek, our staffs are valuable as much as our clients. So we provide our guides and porters all the facilities they need like food, accommodation, insurance, permits and more. All of our guides and porter are friendly and easy to communicate with. You will love their service and make them your trekking companions.


Your Health and Safety with us

When it comes to trekking, there is always a threat to health and safety, especially on high altitude treks. There are always chances of getting altitude sickness, minor bruises, fractures, etc while hiking as accidents cannot be predicted.

For this, we are always equipped with safety measures and a first aid kit. Also, our travel guides are trained to handle this kind of situation. If you are not feeling well during the trek, you will get full support from us. If the condition is serious it will be our responsibility to take you to the nearest health care center. We also have the advance rescue operation services like Helicopter rescue in case of acute situations and accidents.


Some of our popular trekking packages

Feasibility and Flexibility of our travel packages

Our travel and trekking packages are feasible for a wide range of age groups who are seeking quality adventure experiences in Nepal. If you think you are ready and fit enough for hiking or a short trek, we will be always there for your help and guidance.

Our travel packages are very flexible and can be customized as per your needs.


Accommodation, Food, Transportation, Travel and Trekking Equipment and services

For your best comfort and convenience, we will be providing you the best and most comfortable accommodation with the required facilities. There are various kinds of hotels, homestays, guesthouses, teahouses and rest places. We can make the required arrangements for your stay as per your expectations at an affordable cost.

A variety of food will be served for you as per your choice. We will make sure that the food being served is hygienic and healthy. Your health and safety will be our major concern so we will give full attention to water purification, your proper diet, and nutrition and consideration of the altitude sickness during the high altitude and cold region trekking.

We can manage quality means of transportation services as per your needs. We will provide you comfortable transport facilities like a car, jeep, Bus, and vans. Although the comfort of the travel via these means totally depends on the condition of the road, we will try our best to provide you the most comfortable ride.

We can also help you with the local flight booking at your convenience. In case of an accident and serious sickness during the trek, we are always ready with the emergency rescue service via Helicopter.

We are also well equipped with the proper trekking equipment and tools like tents, sleeping bags, etc. We will make sure that you are fully satisfied with our hospitality and services.


Why Choose Us?

  • We have been a reliable and well-loved travel and trekking company in Pokhara with impeccable ratings on Trip Advisor.
  • Our packages are made with budget travelers in mind at an affordable cost throughout all trips.
  • We have a well-maintained website with the details and itinerary of every service that we offer.

What makes us different?

Our most prominent distinct feature is that we value the environment as much as our customers. We have our work ethics and guidelines that we live by so that we do not harm the beauty and socio-cultural identity of the sites we visit.


Our small effort towards the Social Work

We are also involved in social work for the prosperity and promotion of travel and trekking spots and trails. We have been operating a waste collection campaign for some time now. In this campaign, we offer rewards for bringing garbage from the trekking sites. If a trekker carries about 5 kilos of waste, we provide them free hostel lodging for a night.

Please feel free to contact us to know anything about our travel and trekking packages.



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