Upper Mustang Mountain Biking Tour

122 km / 76 miles
Start / End Point
17 Nights 18 Days
Max. Altitude
4840 m
Meals Included
Breakfast,Lunch & Dinner
Group Size
Best Season
March to May & Aug to Dec
Trip Code
Jeep & Biking


The Upper Mustang cycling tour is  gaining popularity as a thrilling off-road experience in Nepal, providing avid cyclists with a rewarding and adventurous experience. Its remote location, high altitude, rough terrain, and extreme weather conditions make it a challenging but unforgettable adventure. The thrilling trail features steep inclines and single-track descents, perfect for adventurous souls and biking enthusiasts.

The awe-inspiring landscapes and majestic mountains offer unique sights, creating memories that will last a lifetime. The trail's allure also lies in its rich Tibetan culture, untouched by modern civilization. Travelers will pass through villages such as Chele, Syangboche, and Tsarang and visit Muktinath, exploring ancient monasteries and well-preserved traditions.

The Upper Mustang cycling tour combines the adrenaline rush of a challenging bike ride with the warm hospitality of local inhabitants, making it a worthwhile investment of time and money.

Are you ready to take on this cycling challenge?

The Upper Mustang Cycling tour demands high fitness and endurance levels due to its high altitude and rugged terrain. This trip best suits experienced cyclists with high physical fitness, endurance, and technical skills. Proper preparation is essential to ensure a safe and enjoyable journey.

Trip Highlights

    • Stunning Mountain Views: Enjoy breathtaking views of the Himalayas, including the Annapurna, Dhaulagiri, and Nilgiri ranges.
    • Demanding Terrain: The Upper Mustang biking trail presents a rugged landscape with steep climbs and tricky descents, testing the mettle of adventurous cyclists.
    • Diverse Flora and Fauna: Despite its ruggedness, Upper Mustang is home to various plants and animals, including rare species like snow leopards and Tibetan wolves.
    • Historical Monasteries: Visit some of the oldest monasteries and caves in the region, including the 16th-century Chhairo Monastery.
    • Unique Landscapes and Cultures: Experience the different desert-like terrain, stunning scenery, and new culture of local Tibetan villages.

Do you have what it takes to conquer this cycling tour?

    Due to the high altitude and rugged terrain, the Upper Mustang Cycling tour is considered an arduous cycling journey. It calls for a high level of fitness and endurance and is classified as having a challenging difficulty level.

    The following are the standards for the Upper Mustang Cycling Trek:

    • Cardiovascular Endurance: The expedition entails riding through rough terrain at high altitudes, which calls for a high level of cardiovascular endurance.
    • Strength and Stamina: The trek requires a lot of strength and endurance to tackle difficult cycling conditions and to carry the bike on some stretches where cycling isn't possible.

    • Flexibility and Balance: Flexibility and balance are necessary to get through the steep inclines, rocky roads, and small footpaths because the terrain is rough and uneven.

    • Mental toughness: Biking can be mentally taxing. Therefore it's critical to keep a good outlook and strong willpower to get through obstacles.

    In general, the Upper Mustang Cycling Trek is appropriate for seasoned cyclists who possess a high level of physical fitness, endurance, and technical ability to negotiate difficult terrain. To guarantee a safe and pleasurable walk, it is advised to prepare appropriately before setting out.

Discovering the perfect moment to set out on cycling:

Cycling enthusiasts frequently travel to Nepal's Upper Mustang region because of its distinctive environment and cultural significance. The peak travel season in Nepal, from April to November, is the ideal time to enjoy cycling on the Upper Mustang Cycling tour.

Spring Season (March to May): The spring season in Upper Mustang is considered Nepal's prime tourism season. The weather is generally good, with a bright sky and little rain. The daytime temperature fluctuates from 15°C to 20°C, making it perfect for riding the Himalayas. The scenery is stunning this time of year, with blooming flowers and lush greenery complementing the gorgeous surroundings.

Summer Season (June to August): The summer season in Upper Mustang is hot and dry, with only sporadic monsoon rainfall. The temperature can reach 25°C during the day, which is unsuitable for cycling. Furthermore, monsoon rains can make roadways slippery and muddy, making cycling difficult and dangerous.

Autumn Season (September to November): The autumn season in Upper Mustang is another popular time for visitors to Nepal. The weather is pleasant and dry, with a bright sky and little rain. The temperature swings from 15°C to 20°C during the day, making it ideal for riding. The scenery is also gorgeous during this time of year, with the autumn colours giving a lovely touch to the already breathtaking settings.

Winter Season (December to February): Upper Mustang occasionally experiences chilly weather and snowfall. During the day, the temperature might dip as low as 5°C, which is unsuitable for cycling. Furthermore, the roads may be snow-covered, making cycling difficult and risky.

Overall, the spring and autumn seasons, from March to May and September to November, are the greatest for riding on the Upper Mustang riding tour. These seasons provide dry, pleasant weather, great temps for riding, and breathtaking scenery. However, it is essential to note that the weather in the mountains may be unpredictable, so it is always a good idea to check the weather forecast before beginning a bike journey.


Upper Mustang Mountain Biking Tour Photo

  1. day 1

    Arrival in Kathmandu

    Upon your arrival at Tribhuvan International Airport Nepal, you will be picked up by a North Nepal Trek representative in a private vehicle and drop off at your hotel after the trip briefing with the guide and checking gears until you are satisfied. Getting rest and terminating Jet lag from your flight to Kathmandu is the best thing to do.

    In Kathmandu, you will be placed in a deluxe hotel, where you will be served dinner and breakfast for the following day, preparing you for the Nagarkot Enduro trail. 

    • Hotel with Breakfast

  2. day 2

    Travel from Kathmandu to Pokhara(Travel options: By flight / By bus)

    Flight Hours 25mins

    Catching a 25 min flight to Pokhara after breakfast in the hotel falls in the morning schedule however you can also take a tourist bus which takes about 7- 8 hrs.Pokhara is also one of the most beautiful cities in Nepal. Exploring and enjoying the lakeside town at the base of the Annapurna Himalayas is the best thing you can do in Pokhara. Riding to Peace Pagoda if we have enough time is possible. Relaxing in a cozy bed overnight in Lakeside.

    • Hotel with Breakfast

  3. day 3

    Warmup ride from Pokhara to Tatopani( Bhurjung Khola) - 21km

    We start our day early, with breakfast fueling us for the warmup ride. The ride is relatively easy as the route has small hills and slopes with linear roads most of the way. Starting from the Lakeside, we began our journey to Lamachur, enjoying the Fewa Lake along the way. Reaching Lamachur take your time to visit Gorkha Museum. After your visit and some rest, we will continue our journey towards Puranchaur Chite Panii, about 10km distance. One of the few colleges of Agriculture and Forestry University(AFU) lies in Puranchaur, so you can expect to see some unique floras, lush green rice fields and paddies planted by local people. With a bit of rest, we continued biking toward Tatopani(Bhurjung Khola) for about 8km from ChitePani.

    Moreover, scenarios of lush greenery along the way are present for nearly the whole route making your ride more memorizing. After a push on the uphill road for about 10 - 20 minutes and riding along the way, we reach Tatopani(Bhurjung Khola). Click some photos and munch on locally farmed Rainbow trout (fish) dishes specially available in Bhurjung Khola. Subsequently, enjoying the authentic local food and our ride, we return to our hotel earning a good night's rest and looking forward to our exciting journey tomorrow.

    • Hotel with Breakfast

  4. day 4

    Flight from Pokhara to Jomsom & Wheeling to Kagbeni- 14km

    Highest Altitude 2910m

    After waking up at sunrise for a flight to Jomsom, it's a 25 min flight to Jomsom. Gazing at snow-capped mountains through the windows will give you a feeling of excitement for your upcoming journey. Your journey will begin as soon as you land at the airport. After having breakfast at Jomsom, we ready our bikes for an acclimatization ride of about 14 km to the beautiful Tibetan village of Kagbeni, enjoying the scenery in the 100% rideable route.

    • Overnight in Lodge including ( Breakfast + Lunch + Dinner )

  5. day 5

    Biking to Muktinath from Kagbeni behind-18km

    Highest Altitude 3760 m

    To behold one of the best sunrise scenery, we wake up before sunrise, and after breakfast, we start biking uphill for most of the day. Following the north side of the gorge, which climbs up on a jeep track leaving Kagbeni behind, we bike towards the Throng La Pass. Stopping to explore the ancient monasteries at Jhong and Lounging in the sunshine, Munching our lunch, and enjoying the mountain views will surely be memorable. Around mid-afternoon, we reach Muktinath after some short climbing, our final destination for today. Spending overnight enjoying local culture in the holiest place of Nepal will undoubtedly replenish your energy for tomorrow.

    • Overnight in Lodge including ( Breakfast + Lunch + Dinner )

  6. day 6

    About 80% ride to Samar from Muktinath -32km

    Highest Altitude 4077 m

    Following a steep uphill stretch from Muktinath through Chhyonggur, we step into the restricted region of the Upper Mustang. The road is rideable as we reach Gyula Pass at 4077 meters. The Himalayas' panoramic views await your eyes to be laid upon them. After a brief downhill section, we follow the ridge trail down to Tetang at 3040 meters which is more than 1000 meters of descent on a superb single track. Cycle down to Chhusang, passing an ancient Mani wall from where a slight climb and river crossing takes us to Chele. The river passes through a rock passage and Chele lies on the opposite river bank so you can enjoy the view. After taking your time, A steady climb reaches Samar.

    • Overnight in Lodge including ( Breakfast + Lunch + Dinner )

  7. day 7

    Biking from Samar to Ghami with few ups and downs -23km

    Highest Altitude 4010 m

    One of the challenging days for riding, leaving behind river beds, we emerge up for the hills. Few ups and downs are anticipated as four passes lie between Ghami and us. Passing through Nyila La at 4010 meters, Dajori La at 3735 meters, and Bhena La at 3860 meters, before Yamda La at 3860 meters, we reach Ghami. Enjoy one of the most scenic passes on the trip with stunning views of the entire Mustang from Nyila La. Even Annapurna and Nilgiri Mountain ranges are visible, making them genuinely scenic passes. Staying in Ghami overnight, you can enjoy the beautiful scenery of fertile lands and visit the old Monastery.

    • Overnight in Lodge including ( Breakfast + Lunch + Dinner )

  8. day 8

    Biking from Ghami to Charang - 27km

    Highest Altitude 3560 m

    You start your day with great riding, including only one big climb to Chingeel Tharsang Cholya Pass. It is a single-track downhill not known by many but used by local people and their livestock from about 3780 meters which is easy-going riding after days of climbing uphills and crossing passes. One scenery opens up, displaying fields of mustard and barley if the season is suitable, making lush greenery. Every changing color from yellow and brown to grays and reds with greenery and grazing Yaks in the blue horizon captivates your heart. Charang is beautiful in cultural and historical aspects as the 400 years old Gulpa Sect Monastery with friendly Monks who will welcome you with open hearts to the oldest library of the Lo. Charang region also harbors this Monastery, and Snapping some photos here could be a great reminder in the future.

    • Overnight in Lodge including ( Breakfast+Lunch+Dinner )

  9. day 9

    Biking from Charang to Lo Manthang -18km

    Highest Altitude 3840 m

    Crossing Lo La Pass from Charang, also known as "Windy Pass”, from where the views of the walled city Lo-Manthang look spectacular and race your heart to reach Lo Manthang instantly. The barren brown picturesque scattered throughout the horizon with the vibrant green under the deep blue sky of the Himalayas makes it a truly memorable scene. Excluding a bit of upclimb, the distance of about 25 km is totally rideable. Enjoying open jeep track trails and magnificent sites, you arrive at Lo-Manthang at just the right time for lunch. Lo Manthang is a beautiful place that deserves a couple of days to be spent sightseeing there. Visiting different monasteries presents you with 400 years old Thangka paintings with detailed and vivid colors originating in Nepal.

    • Overnight in Lodge including ( Breakfast+Lunch+Dinner )

  10. day 10

    Exploration of Ghom during a rest day in Lo Manthang

    Highest Altitude 3810 m

    After we ride up to Garphu, crossing several Kali Gandaki tributaries, we follow Kali Gandaki's upper trail to reach Ghom. The historical site of a Monastery and the cave of thousand windows open up as we enter a cave tunneling into the Mountainside. The unforgettable scenery and the untouched Tibetan culture make this trip an exciting experience. The sight while returning from Ghom, passing through the villages and mind-blowing landscapes with entire history, makes you roll back a century in the past.

    • Overnight in Lodge including ( Breakfast+Lunch+Dinner )

  11. day 11

    Uphill climb from Lo Manthang to Yara -18km

    Highest Altitude 4232 m

    Mountain views with a steep and sandy single track, this ride takes us uphill through Yara Canyon. Without any unforeseen ups and downs, we will arrive at Yara to have lunch. This round trip offers challenges to skilled riders half uphill and half downhill. A tiny monastery nestled into the cliff face known as Luri Gumba is worth a visit not only for its uniqueness but also for the scenery from there.

    • Overnight in Lodge including ( Breakfast+Lunch+Dinner )

  12. day 12

    Biking Yara to Tangbe village -16km

    Highest Altitude 4840 m

    Don't let the easy start of the day fool you, as it starts with some excellent tracks and beautiful landscapes since, after just crossing the river, a long climb of about an hour and a half gets your adrenaline pumping. The tiny village of Tangbe welcomes us, providing very simple accommodations, and here you can enjoy and embrace the feeling of remoteness and isolation.

    • Overnight in Lodge including ( Breakfast+Lunch+Dinner )

  13. day 13

    Biking from Tangbe to Chhuksang -25km

    Highest Altitude 3240 m

    Starting the day with push and carry for about 1000m uphill for 2hrs -3hrs to Pha follows 2 to 3 hours of single track, which surges along the ridge line. Rewarding your brutal journey, a mind-blowing descent to Chhuksang is ready for you. A ridgeline descent, with some short climbs on this day, rewards you with some of the best scenery of Annapurna, Dhaulagiri, and Nilgiri. 

    • Overnight in Lodge including ( Breakfast+Lunch+Dinner )

  14. day 14

    Biking from Chhuskang to Jomsom bazar -38km

    Highest Altitude 2900 m

    Leaving Chhuskang through small passes Dorji La(3735m) and Taklam La(3624m), where the ancient art of Sky Burial is carried out. Rare Himalayan Vultures Soaring in the sky is a sight only a few can witness from here. Steep downhill to Kagbeni, where we can take a break and enjoy coffee. Smooth ride on the last 11km to Jomsom.

    • Overnight in Lodge including ( Breakfast+Lunch+Dinner )

  15. day 15

    Biking from Jomsom to Tatopani ( Hotspring ) -52km

    Highest Altitude 900 m

    This section is the most appropriate for chilling out, enjoying the scenery, and taking it easy. Some accessible downhill routes, fun jeep tracks, and trails make you forget about yesterday's challenge. Winds after 11 am are strong and make riding more complex, so starting the day early is our best choice. Thrilling single tracks are not absent for experienced riders who want some challenges. The chill breeze from the Himalayas caresses your face as you travel miles downhill, savoring the once-in-a-lifetime experience on your two-wheelers is one of the moments when a lovely old village on the riverside awaits you. After some exploring of this Thakali cultured village, our journey to Tatopani begins

    and we wash our fatigue and get some rest here.

    • Overnight in Lodge including ( Breakfast+Lunch+Dinner )

  16. day 16

    Biking from Tatopani to Beni and carefree to drive to Pokhara- 26km

    Highest Altitude 800 m

    Heading toward Beni from Tatopani is a leisurely ride along the Kali-Gandaki River with dirt trails and huge rocks. Taking some time to explore the town of Beni and driving back to Pokhara. Spend the night in Pokhara as you prepare for your flight to Kathmandu tomorrow.

    • Hotel with Breakfast

  17. day 17

    Flight from Pokhara to Kathmandu

    Flight Hours 25 mins
    Highest Altitude 1400 m

    We will pick you up from the hotel and take you to Pokhara Airport. After a short flight of 25 mins to Kathmandu, you can explore the city, do some last-minute shopping, and enjoy your moments of vacation before you start with your busy life again.

    • Hotel with Breakfast

  18. day 18

    Departure from Kathmandu

    After breakfast, we will give you a comfortable ride to the airport from your hotel for your flight home. With enough moments for reminiscing until your next visit, you bid farewell to Nepal.

Upper Mustang Route Map

everest base camp trek map

What's Included

    • Mountain Bike and Gears ( Please ask specification after providing us your bike size ).
    • All the ground transportation Airport to airport.
    • All airport transfers within Nepal including flights Kathmandu and Pokhara both ways and airport pickups and drops.
    • One highly experienced, helpful, and friendly mountain bike guide,and their food, accommodation, salary, equipment, and accidental insurance for all staff.
    • Tea-house accommodation during the biking.
    • All meals(Breakfast, lunch, dinner, and Tea/Coffee) from Pokhara to Pokhara journey
    • All Legal Documents (ACAP) TIMS, Permit and Special Permit which cost $ 550 etc .
    • Dry Fruits & Reydration salt along the biking trail.
    • Tourist service charge, VAT, TAX, etc.


    • International airfares.
    • Nepal entry visa: you can obtain a visa quickly upon your arrival at Tribhuwan International Airport in Kathmandu. (a multiple-entry tourist visa suitable for 30 days can be obtained by paying US $ 40 or equivalent foreign currency. Similarly, multiple-entry tourist visas for 90 days can be obtained by paying US $ 100. Please bring 2 copies of passport-size photos).
    • Dinner & Lunch during stay at Kathmandu & Pokhara 
    • Extra nights in Kathmandu & Pokhara.
    • Travel insurance of Riders & Trekkers
    • Any cold beverages and drinks along the trail.
    • Personal extra expenses 
    • Tips and Gratuities for guides and porters. 
    • Any others expenses which are not mentioned in the includes section.

Before Riding:

  • Make sure the brakes are working properly.
  • Ensure the wheels move and turn freely.
  • Check that the bike is sturdy enough.
  • Make sure the gears are working properly.
  • Visually inspect the tires and also check their pressure.

Dominate the Mustang Tour: Your Essential Gear and Attire:

Preparing for a Mustang tour cycling tour necessitates careful consideration of the equipment required to provide a pleasant and secure experience. Rugged terrain and frequently changing weather conditions can provide difficulties, making it critical to have dependable gear and a competent mountain cyclist. Investing in high-quality equipment will allow you to take on the Mustang tour with peace of mind.



Bicycle: Not just ordinary, a dependable and robust bike suitable for off-road terrain is a must for a Mustang tour cycling excursion.

Biking Helmet and safety pads: Conveying the importance of fitting helmet and safety pads to proficient bikers may be a  dumb move, but here I am requesting “please be sure that the helmet fits and doesn’t make you uncomfortable”.

Bike repair kit: To manage roadside repairs, carry a basic bike repair kit, including spare tubes, tire levers, a pump, a multi-tool, and a chain breaker.

Bike lights: When riding in the early morning or late evening, powerful bike lights ensure visibility and safety.

Water bottle or hydration pack: Staying hydrated during lengthy rides is critical, so bring a water bottle or hydration pack.

GPS: A GPS gadget or smartphone app can assist you in navigating the tour and tracking your progress.

Bike rack or bag: A bike rack or bag can carry extra gear or supplies on longer rides.

First aid: A basic first aid kit can supply necessary medical materials for minor injuries or mishaps.

Sunscreen: Use sunscreen with a high SPF to protect your skin from dangerous UV radiation.

Insect repellent: Keep an insect repellent to keep harmful insects at bay.



Cycling shorts: Padded cycling shorts provide comfort and help prevent soreness during extended rides. Breathable and moisture-wicking cycling shorts keep you cool and dry on hot and humid rides.

Cycling shoes: Cycling shoes with stiff soles give support and aid in power transfer to the pedals for a more efficient ride.

Sunglasses:    Polarized sunglasses shield your eyes from the sun and glare, increasing visibility and decreasing eye strain.

Cycling Gloves: Padded gloves absorb shock and prevent blisters, giving you more comfort and control.

Rain jacket: A rain jacket that is both waterproof and breathable protects you from the elements during unexpected weather changes.

Arm and leg warmers: These lightweight and readily packable arm and leg warmers are ideal for cool mornings or evenings.

Base layers: Moisture-wicking base layers assist in regulating body temperature and keep you comfortable throughout lengthy rides.

Socks: Moisture-wicking cycling socks prevent blisters and keep your feet dry and comfy throughout the journey.

Permits required: A single-person fare to enter the Annapurna Conservation Area Project(ACAP) is 50$ and there is no additional charge for how long you stay there. Furthermore, Restricted Area Permit(RAP) costs you 500$ for 10 days and an additional 50$

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