Why Choose Us?

We understand that it can be difficult to make a decision on your holiday plans. Much like many other instances, choosing a travel and trek service can be quite challenging as well. There is always the risk of selecting the wrong travel agent and having a bad experience. Based on our experience, a travel or trek operator needs to provide genuine information, offer reasonable rates, and also need to cater to the customers with quality service. Equally important is a friendly demeanour and professionalism. We suggest you look for these features on the travel agent before choosing them as your service provider.

We encourage you to look into our features that will assure you about our services. 


Local Trekking Agency 

Whenever you travel in an abroad land, there can often be a gap in communication and service. North Nepal is a team of locals, particularly in the Annapurna region. Our team consists of individuals who are familiar with the locals and the cultural complexities of the area. Moreover, our guides and porters are well acquainted with the trekking trails and the accommodations of the area. If you trek or travel with us, you will have the support of guides that can manage better food and accommodation facilities for you. Even in high season when it can be difficult to find rooms in lodges, we can assure you that our local connection can facilitate a great trekking experience.



We guarantee you that you have our service commitment at all times. While some agencies prioritize profit to provide inferior service to the customers, we wholeheartedly commit to our clients until the moment we bid them farewell.



Along with commitment, you can also be assured of our dedication as we are a group of passionate individuals. We believe in the concept of customers as our gods and as such treat them accordingly. You can be assured that we provide uninterrupted support throughout the trek and we will be there with you as needed. 



We are a team of qualified individuals that have years of experience working in the trekking business. Even the youngest members of our team have at least 5 years of experience trekking in the various regions of Nepal. 


Satisfaction of Service

We, at North Nepal Travels and Treks, believe that your satisfaction is our biggest reward. Our works and efforts become worthless without your satisfaction. Moreover, we make sure that our customers are completely satisfied with the hotels, goods, accommodations, vehicles, assistance, guides, and other services. 


Trekking with a Change

We are well known not only for providing a high standard of service for the Trekking groups but because our concern is also the realization of social fairness and ecological responsibility. So we regularly participate in cleaning campaigns in and around our destinations. We believe that our trekking expeditions should leave nothing behind except joy and memories to cherish for a lifetime. Additionally, if you are able to collect and bring your own waste material, we offer you a complimentary trekking massage. 


Certified Guidance

Ours is a team of trekking and climbing guides, porters, and tour operators who have ten to twenty years of experience in the tourism industry. North Nepal Travels and Treks is approved by the Government of Nepal, Ministry of Culture, Tourism and Civil Aviation. We also have an affiliation to the Trekking Agencies Association of Nepal (TAAN), Nepal Tourism Board,  Nepal Mountaineering Association (NMA), Himalayan Rescue Association (HRA) among others.


Explore new Trails

Along with famous destinations, we have been exploring new trekking trails in Nepal and promoting non-touristy areas as well. These tours are preferred by travellers interested in deviating from the regular course and avoiding crowded destinations, making our trails as we go on. Accompanied by guides efficient in translation, these tours offer a distinct charm for explorers, researchers, and extreme adventure seekers.


We are associated with:

  • The logo of the Nepal Tourism Board of Nepal
  • Coat of Arms of Nepal
  • North Nepal Trek pvt. ltd is authorised from Nepal Mountain Academy.